Whether you're looking to move something as simple as an envelope, box, or a proof across town or as difficult as 100 pallets of freight across the state, the STAT network of delivery services has you covered! If your needs require On-Demand response in either small vehicle or large truck, we've got the vehicle you require. If your business demands a customized  Over Night pouch service or a sophisticated pharmaceutical distribution service, our Management Team will be onboard every step of the way to help ensure that you maximize your delivery efficiency while minimizing your transportation dollars.

The STAT Network of Delivery Services is comprised of  STATDEL.com LLC and STAT Delivery Service, Inc. Each company provides a distinctly unique component of the total transportation management service:


STATDEL.com LLC was formed to handle the specialized needs of On Demand service. Whether you need to move immediately DAY or NIGHT, no matter the load size, STATDEL.com LLC can accommodate you with a wide range of vehicles from cars, trucks and vans all the way up to High Cube, Bobtails and Tractor Trailers. If overnight is not fast enough, you want the services of STATDEL.com LLC. Serving the following locations:

Los Angeles
SF Bay Area
Orange County
San Diego

STAT Delivery Service, Inc.

STAT Delivery Service, Inc. is the courier piece of the total transportation puzzle. The STAT Delivery Service, Inc. route network provides the means for overnight courier pouch service as well as customizable routing service. From designing Title Service routes to delivering an overnight pouch anywhere in the Western US, STAT Delivery Service, Inc. is your answer.